Leaf Clearance

Leaf Clearing Service

Every autumn, trees and shrubs will shed their leaves. If left, without proper management, fallen leaves can be the cause of a number of problems for both residential and commercial property owners. Leaves that are left on pavements or walk ways can decay and become slippery. On top of this, dry leaves can gather in the corners of grounds, car parks or next to fences, making them unsightly and also covering up danger such as potholes.

GI Garden Maintenance not only tidy up for you, leaving them looking clean. It will also improve the safety of visitors by keeping pavements and walk ways clear. Our team will also remove all litter as standard practice, ensuring that we leave your property looking its best.

leaf clearing service

Need our Leaf Clearance Service?

Let us keep your garden looking great all year round. Autumn can be beautiful when the leaves are changing colour on the trees but not so much when your lawn, pathways, borders and drive are covered in them.


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